Friday Oct 25
11:45 –
B 09

Building Better Products Faster: DevUx is the New DevOps

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Front-end development has gotten trickier over the years. As new frameworks enable more complex behaviour, UX expectations have also risen. Yet, we still work the old way: Product defines features, designers make mock-ups, then developers integrate them. Side effects include: blocking dependencies, rework, misunderstanding, frustration, for everyone involved.

In this talk, we will provide you with a proven starter kit to improve all your future collaborations, among other things how to:

  • define the right process from the first concept of the feature to its design to its implementation on the app
  • define the perfect mock-up for painless design handoff
  • provide technical insights during the design process
  • involve the designer in your development process for a finishing touch

Join our movement and start growing a DevUx culture on your projects: build better, work faster, be happier!

What will the audience learn from this talk?
You will have an overview of common issues encountered at each level in an app production process. (The product team defining the needs, the designer making the mockup and the developers integrating them.) We'll provide practical solutions and guidelines to overcome each friction point. To improve a team's collaboration and to build better apps together, we will explain what mindset the team should have, how to assess their current level of DevUx collaboration and what they should aim at.

Does it feature code examples and/or live coding?

Prerequisite attendee experience level:
Level 100

coding user interfaces
partner talk