Kubernetes or Swarm? Build Both, Deploy Apps, Learn The Differences
GOTO Berlin 2019

Kubernetes or Swarm? Build Both, Deploy Apps, Learn The Differences

Tuesday Oct 22
09:00 –
A 06
600.00 EUR

Learn multi-server container orchestration by building your own 3-node Swarm cluster in AWS, deploy distributed apps to it, then build a 3-node Kubernetes cluster and do the same. We'll spend time throughout the day understanding the pros and cons of each. Learn the top two orchestrators from a Docker Captain and container community leader!

Who is this workshop for?
DevOps engineers, those working in container operations, and anyone needing to deploy containers to production using Swarm or Kubernetes orchestration.

What you'll learn
Learn how to build a multi-node Kubernetes and Docker Swarm cluster and how to deploy and manage a multi-container microservice app with orchestration. Gain hands-on experience with daily and intermediate-level tasks using the best open-source orchestrators and gain a deeper understanding of how to choose the right tool for the job. We'll have multiple Q&A breaks during the day to dig into topics that you'd like to discuss.

In this hands-on masterclass, you'll learn about key orchestration concepts, both in theory and practice. Swarm is built into the Docker Engine and has a reputation for being easy yet not as popular as Kubernetes. Bret will give you background on why that might be and what the real-world usage stats and GitHub evidence shows. Kubernetes has the reputation of being a complex system with a steep learning curve, yet we'll see that while managing a cluster yourself can indeed be complex, it is possible to tame its most essential features in just a few hours.

Prerequisite knowledge
Working knowledge of Docker, Servers, and IP Networking. You are familiar with Docker images and containers and have created Dockerfiles and hopefully Compose files in some fashion (compose experience isn’t required but will help). You understand the basic commands and purpose behind them.

Take your containers into production and operate Docker clusters like a pro. This workshop skips Docker basics and avoids the CI/CD tools needed to get code ready for production. Rather, it focuses squarely on the ops tools and techniques of daily building and operating container clusters, and what different roles in your teams need to know when working with an orchestrator.

Starting where previous Docker 101 workshops leave off, Bret Fisher will help you dive into the new Swarm Mode clustering (aka SwarmKit) and cover the latest built-in features and common third-party tools.

You’ll do all this on your own 3-node cloud cluster for the day!

Then you'll remove Swarm, and rebuild the servers as a Kubernetes cluster, and deploy the same apps. We'll highlight the differences as you add functionality to your cluster.

This workshop is based on a group of instructors giving container and orchestration workshops for over 4 years! We've got quite a handle on the latest tools, trends, and techniques. Bret has been using Docker for nearly 5 years, and consulting with others on containers and orchestration for over 3 years.

Materials or downloads needed in advance
All work will be done through remote servers, so no need to install Docker locally. You’ll need a laptop with an SSH program installed (we’ll also have a web-based Docker tool if you don’t/can’t use SSH).