Wednesday Oct 31
15:00 –
Location: C 01

A Cartoon Quest: New Adventures for WebAssembly


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If the web were a video game franchise, then WebAssembly would be its latest hero...

“During the first part of our journey, our hero completed the first quest—making it possible to play PC games and build applications like AutoCAD on the web. But this journey is far from over! Many a quest awaits; whole worlds are left to explore! The browser, and our hero’s current skill set, is just the beginning.”

In this talk, we’ll explore both charted and uncharted areas—from the JavaScript-rich lands of the browser, to the darkest reaches of the blockchain, to the airy heights of the cloud with CDNs, and more! And we’ll map out all of the features we need to unlock to take us to these new heights:

  • Threading
  • Garbage collection
  • ES module integration and more!

Prerequisite attendee experience level: beginners

languages for the future
Lin Clark
Code Cartoonist and Engineer at Mozilla
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