Friday Nov 2
15:00 –
B 05 - B 06

5 Reasons to use Reactive Programming if you are not eBay


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Reactive Systems address challenges of modern applications, the challenges related to a high number of users and high throughput. Not every application has high enough throughput to benefit from non-blocking reactive design. Imperative blocking applications can still be fast, resilient and responsive. But surprisingly there are other reasons to use reactive programming except for a really high throughput. At eBay daily requests reach billions. No surprise that reactive programming could bring a value to eBay. What about systems that do not reach such a high amount of traffic? As part of eBay Inc., eBay Classifieds Group includes 10 local brands including GumTree, Kijiji, eBay Kleinanzeigen and others. While is a global platform with a huge load, each of Classifieds businesses is local, often being one of the most visited websites in the country at the same time. I've collected 5 use-cases why you might want to use reactive programming without having as much traffic as with real-life examples from eBay companies

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