This Year We Are Proud to Present Some Amazing Speakers
Alberto Brandolini
Creator of EventStorming
Allard Buijze
Creator of Axon Framework
Artur Margonari
Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator
Ashley Williams
Rust Core Team Member and Rust Community Team Lead
Ben Linders
Independent Consultant in Agile, Lean, Quality & CD
Benjamin Edwards
Core Engineering at Fauna
Betty Enyonam Kumahor
Managing Partner at Cobalt Partners focused on frugal digital innovation
Blazej Kubiak
Expert Engineer - Autonomous Driving at TomTom
Chris Munns
Principal Developer Advocate - Serverless at Amazon Web Services
Chris Philipps
Advisor for Startups and Investors, Interim CTO
Christoph Windheuser
Building Machine Learning Projects at ThoughtWorks
Dan Mitchell
Operability Lead at Equal Experts
Daniel Bornkessel
Senior Consultant at innoQ
Dejan Mitrovic
Lead Software Engineer at Free2Move
Dina Sierralta
Expert in Collaborative Spaces and Methods
Eberhard Wolff
Prolific author of all things architecture. Working for 15+ years as an architect and consultant.
Eric Bottard
Core Committer for Project riff and Senior Software Engineer at Pivotal
Erik Dörnenburg
Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks
Erwin de Gier
Building bleeding-edge crypto platform WeAreBlox at Trifork
Francesco Mondora
Unconventional CEO at mondora
Frans van Buul
Evangelist at AxonIQ
Füsun Wehrmann
VP Engineering at OLX
Gary Crawford
Used Agile techniques for smuggling whiskey - all in the name of science
Grygoriy Gonchar
Software Architect at Ebay
Ho Ming Li
Proactively breaking things on purpose at Gremlin
Jaideep Bansal
Energy Access Leader at Global Himalayan Expedition
Jan Janke
Deputy Group Leader for Administrative Information Systems at CERN
Jana Petkanic
Blockchain Consultant, Co-Founder of BlockchainTalks.io
Jessica Ellis
Teaching Kids Programming at TKPLabs
Johan Stokking
Tech Lead and Co-founder of the world's largest LoRaWAN network
John Le Drew
Experienced Engineer making psychological safety a right for everyone
Jürgen Höller
Co-founder of Spring Framework
Katharine Jarmul
Pythonista, O'Reilly author and Co-founder of KIProtect
Kiki Carter
Developing large-scale distributed systems using Reactive Principles at Lightbend
Kristian Løken Wille
Expert in security, web development, real-time positioning systems, mobile platforms and children's toys
Krzysztof Kudrynski
Expert Engineer - Autonomous Driving at TomTom
Lajos Papp
Technical Trainer at Container Solutions
Lars Grunske
Software Engineering Professor at Humboldt University of Berlin
Laurent Bossavit
Agilist, recipient of Agile Alliance's 2006 Gordon Pask award and leprechaun hunter
Lin Clark
Code Cartoonist and Engineer at Mozilla
Lynn Langit
Cloud Architect building serverless bioinformatics cloud data pipelines
Maarten Mulders
IT Architect at Info Support
Marc Cohen
Developer Advocate at Google
Markus Wittwer
Collaboration Coach combining Agile and Mindfulness techniques
Martin Gravråk
Software developer at Bouvet (Norway)
Martin Quensel
Startup co-founder building the OS for global commerce to decentralise business relations
Martin Woolley
Developer Relations Manager at Bluetooth SIG
Melvin Conway
Computer scientist and hacker whose thesis became Conway's Law
Michael Plöd
Principal Consultant at innoQ
Nicolas Frankel
Developer Advocate at Exoscale
Nikolas Burk
Software Engineer at Prisma
Olaf Zschiedrich
CTO of OLX Group
Oleg Šelajev
Developer Advocate at Oracle
Olivier Rikken
Blockchain & Smart Contract Expert at Axveco
PJ Hagerty
Developer and Community Relations as a Service at DevRelate.io
Pak-Hang Wong
Ethics in Information Technology Research Associate at Universität Hamburg
Patrick Kua
O'Reilly Author and CTO of mobile bank N26
Peter Grosskopf
Chief Technology Officer of SolarisBank
Phil Winder
Machine Learning whiz and Advocate for DataDevOps
Philipp Nagele
AR expert, building award-winning multi-sensory experiences at Wikitude
Philipp Strube
Director of Technology at Container Solutions
Philippe De Ryck
Founder of Pragmatic Web Security, Google Developer Expert
Ray Tsang
Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform
Ricardo Garcia
Helping developers deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms and applications at BigchainDB
Rinke Hendriksen
Smart-contracts developer at AXVECO
Rino Montiel
Chief Technology Officer of Morressier
Robert Kubis
Cloud Developer Advocate at Google UK
Russ Olsen
Author of Getting Clojure and Eloquent Ruby, VP at Cognitect
Ryan Knight
Senior Technologist architecting and building large scale, distributed applications
Sam Newman
Author of O'Reilly's "Building Microservices"
Sander Mak
Java Champion, Author of O'Reilly's "Java 9 Modularity" and Fellow at Luminis
Sara-Lena Eisermann
Coach, HR & New Work
Sascha Möllering
Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL
Simon Brown
Creator of C4 Software Architecture model and Author of Software Architecture for Developers
Simon Singh
Award-winning Science Writer including the first book about mathematics to become a No.1 bestseller in the UK
Sophie Wilson
Computer Scientist and co-creator of the ARM processor
Stefan Rudnitzki
Transformer of organisations, who helped turn Europace into a fully-autonomous holocracy
Stefan Tilkov
Co-founder & Principal Consultant at innoQ
Uwe Friedrichsen
CTO and Fellow of codecentric
Willem Meints
Microsoft MVP and Technical Evangelist for Info Support
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