Thursday Nov 1
10:50 –
Location: B 07 - B 08

Personal and Organisational Career Development in Tech

Nearly 10 years after Chad Fowler wrote his book on how to create a remarkable career in software development, many people ask themselves: How do I get to the top successfully? How do I stay an individual contributor without being pushed up the career ladder but still advance in salary and recognition? invites five panelists who made their way through the ranks and helped many people to achieve their goals on the way. During our panel we will take a look at both sides of the table. On the one hand: How does an organisation enable people to grow? How does it also cater for the needs and limitations of its structure as not everyone can be a leader? On the other hand: When do we, as individuals, know that it is time to move on into a new organisation versus influencing my existing team for future growth.

We are looking forward to great insights by our panelists.

the human factor
reinventing organisations
Sara-Lena Eisermann
Coach, HR & New Work
Chris Philipps
Advisor for Startups and Investors, Interim CTO
Peter Grosskopf
Chief Technology Officer of SolarisBank
Rino Montiel
Chief Technology Officer of Morressier
Füsun Wehrmann
VP Engineering at OLX
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