Wednesday Oct 31
13:50 –
Location: B 09

Mind as Code - Mindfulness for Developers and Knowledge Workers


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The last years have given rise to the idea, that - besides knowledge - practice is essential for developers and knowledge workers. There are code katas, coding and coaching dojos, pair and mob programming.

A scientifically underpinned way to systematically develop a different kind of skill-set is mindfulness. With a regular mindfulness practice you can improve concentration, equanimity and impulse control; skills that are useful and very much needed in complex agile environments. Basically you become more proficient in hacking your mind: you slowly learn the programming language your mind responds to and thus cultivate a more friendly and fruitful relationship to your mind.

In this interactive session I will present how mindfulness works and why it is worth practicing for a developer. We look at the neuroscience behind it and do a short practice that you can take home with you.

All of that using a lot of comparisons to coding and there even will be a cat video.

Prerequisite attendee experience level: Beginner

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Markus Wittwer
Coaching Agile Teams to Stay Sane Using Mindfulness
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