Friday Nov 2
15:00 –
Location: B 07 - B 08

Coworking Spaces - a Journey through the Concepts with Destination Dream Space


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If you take a look around there is seemingly opening a new Coworking Space around you every few days. But how to distinguish between the various concepts and pick the right workspace for you?

Being free in your choice of the ideal space isn’t always easy when everyone has the sign „Coworking“ at their door but offers very different services and concepts for you as a user.

Together we will start our journey at the Coworking Manifesto and understand why it is a sibling of the Agile Manifesto. Equipped with that knowledge we will continue through the different concepts and add to your understanding why one thing with the same name can feel so different for you as a user. We will end this journey with lots of helpful hints and tipps what to take into consideration when picking your workspace with a particular look into the Berlin Coworking Scene.

the human factor
remote work
Dina Sierralta
Expert in Collaborative Spaces and Methods
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