Wednesday Oct 31
16:10 –
B 09

How Software can be Thought of as a Force for Good

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The session will focus on how a Teal company is structured in order to build software as a force for good. It will describe how the company is (not) structured, and how we have changed the way we build software through thinking about people (colleagues as well as users), whilst keeping all the SDG goals in mind. The company is self-managed and people work for the purpose of creating a better world through the software implemented for customers. Company KPIs are not only revenues and EBITDA that we do, but also the happiness of the peers. Based on Scrum and Agile methodologies, all staff have worked together to evolve Agile principles towards the organization. The company is facing a new paradigm and, with the help of all the people that are part of it, Agile practices are evolving and being used to build a new kind of business, a new teal company and certificated Benefit Corporation. The company is taking work methods to the next level and considering the human side of the organisation, and not only the processes. There are 2 farmers who take care of the land around the company and a philosopher who is bringing a common knowledge of things from a different perspective.

Prerequisite attendee experience level Beginner

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