Wednesday Oct 31
09:30 –
Location: C 01

From Wireframe to Prototype: Seamless, Executable, and Collaborative


You can find an interactive version of the slides (including videos) on Melvin's Website

Mel will demonstrate the “two-owner application model” for building prototypes in a design team with both developers and non-developer business people participating.

This model, which executes interactively in a code-free wiring tool you will see, is a tree. The root and adjacent tree layers wired up by the business people describe one or more use cases. The business people own this subtree. The rest of the tree is owned and built by the developers using conventional tools. All the domain-specific behavior is in this part.

Mel will show the evolution of a simple order-entry application from an executing wireframe wired up by the business people to a functioning prototype. It evolves as developers and business people alternate adding the parts they build and attaching them to the tree.

You will see that the wiring tool is not just another box-and-line graphical editor, but is based on a dozen design principles for building humane tools, about which you can read more at

Melvin Conway
Computer scientist and hacker whose thesis became Conway's Law
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