Topic Effective DevOps / Serverless
GOTO Berlin 2018

Location: B 09 & B 07 - B 08 & B 05 - B 06 & C 01

Topic Description

DevOps is a set of processes intended to reduce the time taken between committing a change to a system, and that change being deployed to the normal production environment – while ensuring adherence to the highest standards of testing and quality. This involves bridging the gap between development and operations, which is both a technical and a cultural challenge. This topic will examine what skills and tools we need for effective DevOps, what the best practises in this field are, and how we can foster a healthy DevOps culture. The technology and best practices in the DevOps space are constantly evolving. Systems become antifragile by the introduction of random chaos; monitoring has moved from being about tech metrics to business metrics; and many see serverless as the next step in infrastructure automation and application design. Even technologies like Kubernetes - considered “new” a relatively short while ago – are now used as the foundation for further evolving technologies like Service Meshes or FaaS (Function as a Service).

Speakers on this topic

Chris Munns
Dan Mitchell
Equal Experts
Eric Bottard
Ho Ming Li
Ray Tsang
Robert Kubis
Google UK
Sam Newman
Sascha Möllering
Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL
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