Application Security for User Interface Developers and Designers
GOTO Berlin 2018

Application Security for User Interface Developers and Designers

Tuesday Oct 30
09:00 –
B 96
649.00 EUR

This class is designed to teach web based designers how to build secure user interfaces. This class is primarily for the UI software engineer but any web developer, architect, security professional or other software development professional who needs to build and maintain secure web user interfaces will benefit. We'll cover the many defensive strategies needed to defeat Cross Site Scripting. We'll also take a close look at building modern Content Security Policies as well as explore defending modern JS frameworks such as React and Angular.

The class is custom built from the following learning modules: Content Spoofing and HTML Hacking (1h) XSS Defense (1h) Content Security Policy (1h) Angular.JS Security (1h) React.JS Security (1h) XSS Labs (1h)

Student Requirements Familiarity with the technical details of designing and building the user interface portion of web applications (HTML/CSS and some JavaScript).

Laptop Requirements Any laptop that can run a web browser and updated client-side JVM.