Friday Nov 17
16:10 –
B 07 - B 08

All your Files belong to us: Serving User-generated Content on a Global Scale


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How does a global classifieds brand grow? By being as fast as mobile internet gets. This talk presents a case study of how online classifieds giant OLX has grown to cope with similar amounts of traffic as Twitter, across 40 countries.

We will address strategies and patterns OLX uses to serve over 200.000.000 images at up to 30.000 requests per second. Apollo, our service to store and serve all the picture content, needs to deal with massive traffic. Furthermore, it has to serve images optimised for various devices and internet connections. Just because that's not hard enough, we also use trunk based development.

If you're interested in high traffic patterns, and how to not screw up when everyone pushes to master or like image processing, then you should get a lot out of this talk.

software development