GOTO Berlin Childcare

Childcare registration is closed.

To make GOTO Berlin more family-friendly we offer onsite childcare. Please write us an email if you want to register your child(ren) for childcare.

To make sure that you have all the information, here are FAQ to childcare at GOTO Berlin.

childcare at GOTO Berlin


When is childcare provided?
November 15: 9am - 4pm
November 16: 9am - 10pm
November 17: 9am - 6.30pm

Where is childcare provided?
Childcare is provided right at the venue (bcc) in a separately provided and specially equipped childcare room.

What is included?
The room is equipped with toys, sleeping and nappy changing opportunity. Meals are included, too.

Who is taking care of my child?
Professional and experienced kindergarten teachers will take care of your children.

What are the conditions for registering my child?
There is two basic requirements: One parent or guardian must be registered to GOTO Berlin 2017 and children must be registered latest 4 weeks before the conference.

How much does a childcare ticket for GOTO Berlin 2017 cost?
One childcare ticket for GOTO Berlin costs EUR 50 per day (without VAT), regardless the amount of time your child spends in childcare that day, meals included.

Any further questions?
If you have any questions prior the conference that are not answered by this FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.