Thursday Nov 16
15:00 –
A 03 - A 04

Health++ The Future of Medicine


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Science fiction series, such as Star Trek, promised us medical devices like the tricorder, which can diagnose any disease within minutes. I don't know when this will be available (they are working on it!), but I would like to show you some of the current developments in medical technology. The influence of technology is everywhere and the health and medical industry is no exception. We live in a time where gaming devices can be used for the treatment of anxiety and phobias. Exo-skeletons can be used via brain-interfaces by paraplegic persons, and doctors can treat patients that are thousands of kilometers away. But how does this work and what are the implications of these developments? Which unique challenges are we facing as developers and scientists?

This talk will cover different aspects and fields of health technology innovations, including:

  • anxiety therapy using VR
  • how paraplegic people may walk again
  • IT giants and big pharma
  • an AI that diagnoses you by googling your symptoms
  • brain activities of dead salmons