Thursday Nov 16
10:50 –
A 03 - A 04

360 Degree View of Smart Ecosystems


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During the first big IoT wave there have a been a lot of speculations about the coming changes in various domains. After the first, sometimes odd products from small start ups also established companies are implementing their first projects. It is time to turn smart mobility, smart factories, smart agriculture into reality. For this smart ecosystems are the essential building blocks. First prototypes are usually built quickly. When advancing to a production state often unexpected complexities appear.

This talk gives a 360-degree overview of the common challenges of smart ecosystems. Topics like design, business models, testing, security as well as organisational structures are discussed. Everyone from hardware specialists to project managers can broaden their understanding for the conception and implementation of IoT projects.

Prerequisite attendee experience level: beginner (but interesting for everyone)