Thursday Nov 16
15:00 –
A 05 - A 06

Make Web Apps Fun to Build and Easy to Refactor with Elm


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Elm is a new programming language that compiles to Javascript and is designed to build reliable web applications. It is a language that is at the same time friendly and accessible, but also quite radical in its concepts: null and undefined do not exist in the language; all values are immutable; all functions are pure, meaning that they cannot perform side effects; no type annotations are required, but all values have precise types. All of these features come together to make writing solid front-end web applications a joy and even big refactorings need not cause fear of breaking anything.

Come and explore the world of Elm with me. We will take a look at Elm's features together, you will learn about how to get started with Elm yourself and I will talk a bit about our experience building two production applications with Elm in the life sciences field.

Prerequisite attendee experience level: Advanced