Topic Container, Cloud & Continuous Everything
GOTO Berlin 2017

Location: B 09

Topic Description

Track Host: Sven Johann

Ten years after the launch of AWS, the cloud is almost ubiquitous, it is used by significant parts of the industry and more and more organisations move towards cloud native software development. The presence of continuous delivery in combination with the upcoming of containers, microservices, serverless computing or software telemetry is changing the way software is developed and businesses are run.

In this track you'll have the opportunity to hear stories of successful implementations of all these new technologies and methodologies as well as being exposed to new ideas in the field of cloud native applications and continuous everything.

Speakers on this topic

Björn Rabenstein
Dario Blanco
Allianz Technology
Gregor Hohpe
Allianz Technology
Sam Newman
Steve Smith
Continuous Delivery Consulting
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