Philipp Strube
Container Solutions
Speaker at GOTO Berlin 2018

Philipp has been cloud-native ever since he dropped out of law school in 2008 to found cloudControl, a multi-cloud container based PaaS pre-dating Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Docker and Kubernetes. As CEO he led the company through multiple investment rounds and its acquisition of dotCloud from Docker in 2014. After leaving Exoscale - the company that acquired cloudControl - and launching, Philipp was General Manager Europe at CoreOS until the startup was acquired by Red Hat in January 2018.

Since April 2018, Philipp is Director of Technology at cloud-native consultancy Container Solutions where he helps make customers successful using his 10 years of experience in product, operations and engineering management.

When not working he enjoys driving long distances, preferably at night, while mostly listening to Tocotronic. He claims some of his arguably best ideas were born this way.


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