Thursday Nov 16
17:30 –
C 01

Number Crush

We all like to think of ourselves as strong, independent and single-minded individuals. But despite our illusion of free will, despite the seemingly random sets of circumstances that bring about our decisions, our behaviour as humans is surprisingly easy to predict.

The more we use technology, the more we leave behind a data footprint of our actions in almost everything that we do. These traces of human behaviour are captured in the numbers and reveal surprisingly simple mathematical patterns that unite us all. Patterns that can predict our behaviour and have the potential to shape the way we view our societies and cities.

But new, big data also comes with new, big problems and there’s a reason why – despite the data deluge - we seem as ill-informed as ever.

Join Hannah Fry as she charts the highs and lows of our relationship with data, revealing the delightful insights the numbers can offer and demonstrating how often they can be downright misleading.