This Year We Are Proud to Present Some Amazing Speakers
Adam Tornhill
Founder and CTO at Empear
Akos Hochrein
Technical Lead and Software Engineer at Prezi
Andrea Provaglio
Agile Organizational Coach & Strategic IT Consultant
Andreas Rossberg
Staff Software Engineer at Google
Angelika Langer
Independent Computer Software Professional
Annelle De Jager
Software Engineer at Prezi
Arif Wider
Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks
Ben Titzer
V8 Team Member at Google
Bernhard Bockelbrink
Co-founder & Steward of Sociocracy 3.0
Björn Rabenstein
Production Engineer at SoundCloud
Chris Anderson
Director of Developer Experience at Fauna
Christian Deger
Chief Architect at AutoScout24
Christof Leng
Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google
Dan North
Originator of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) & Principal Consultant
Daniel Bachler
Software Engineer at Douglas Connect
Dario Blanco
Tech Lead at Allianz Technology
Dina Sierralta
Expert in Collaborative Spaces and Methods
Dmitry Jemerov
Principal Engineer at JetBrains
Dr. Anita Sengupta
Rocket Scientist, Professor of Astronautics and Space Technology University of Southern CA
Fabio Pereira
Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks
Florian Gilcher
Music Addict, Rubyist, Rust Trainer, Backend Programmer and CEO at Asquera
Florian Stefan
Lead Engineer at mobile.de (eBay Classifieds Group)
Frans van Buul
Evangelist at AxonIQ
Gregor Hohpe
Chief IT Architect at Allianz Technology
Hannah Fry
Lecturer in the Mathematics of Cities at UCL
Ilker Demirel
CEO at ausculto
Ivo Betke
Software engineer, Entrepreneur and Start-up mentor
James Coplien
Gertrud & Cope
Joe Justice
President Scrum Hardware & Autonomous Technologies at Scrum, Inc.
Johan Janssen
Java Architect & Trainer at Info Support
Jonathan Rothwell
Software Engineer at Zühlke Engineering
Julia Dellnitz
Founder & Chief Play Officer of Learnical
Karen Otte
Software Developer & Medical Data Scientist at Motognosis
Kaz Sato
Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud
Marc Burgauer
Agile Transformation Coach at Arena Peak Ltd.
Marc Plogas
Windows AppConsult Engineer at Microsoft
Matthias Huttar
Head of Engineering at OLX
Michael Fait
Lead Consultant & Software Developer at ThoughtWorks
Michael Feathers
Working Effectively with Legacy Code
Michael Green
Machine Learning Expert and Artificial Intelligence Evangelist
Patrick Kua
O'Reilly Author and CTO of mobile bank N26
Paul Adams
Engineering Lead at Zalando
Pedro Proença
Senior Software Engineer at OLX
Phil Winder
Machine Learning whiz and Advocate for DataDevOps
Pierre-Yves Ritschard
CTO and co-founder at Exoscale
Raffaello D'Andrea
Professor of Dynamic Systems & Control at ETH ZURICH
Richard Clayton
Security Researcher, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
Ruben van Vreeland
Co-Founder & CEO of bitsensor.io
Sam Newman
Author of O'Reilly's "Building Microservices"
Sandra Kriemann
Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft
Sara de Freitas
Educator, Author, Researcher and Public Speaker
Sarah Guido
Senior Data Scientist at Mashable
Sebastian Cogno
Director R&D at Container Solutions Switzerland
Steve Freeman
Distinguished Consultant at Zuhlke Engineering
Steve Smith
CD Consultant at Continuous Delivery Consulting
Susan Landau
Bridge Professor at Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy and School of Engineering, Department of Computer Science at Tufts University
Tafseer Ul Islam Siddiqui
Software Architect at Careem
Ted Neward
Ted is a Big Geek
Till Rohrmann
PMC member of Apache Flink
Vaughn Vernon
DDD Expert Consultant & Trainer
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