Thursday Nov 16
15:00 –
B 07 - B 08

Build and Scale Successful Dev-Teams


Software engineers change their jobs on average every 28 months and the first reason is usually a thirst for a new technical challenge. On the other hand, companies need about 80 days to successfully hire a software engineer in Europe according to Balderton Capital, a well known venture captial firm.

How does your team and company recruit, hire and develop their teams? How do you do it yourself, having hiring and management responsibility? How would you like it to be done as a member of the team?

In todays war on talent it is important to collaborate in an agile and test driven way with your HR & Recruitment departments and to make up your mind on your needs in regards to that next person joining applying scorecards for jobs.

How we can evaluate skills and personality in a meaningful and fast way, without applying whiteboard tests or the same five questions over and over again having a great and fast qualification process that’s impressing candidates even if you do not hire them afterall.

Last but not least, how do you make sure to keep software teams engaged and focused with enough flexibility to grow or also enable them to leave once their field of interest departs from the technology path of the company.

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