James Coplien
Gertrud & Cope
Speaker at GOTO Berlin 2017

James “Cope” Coplien was first known for his pioneering work in C++ and object-orientation while at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Since then he has made broad and widespread contributions to the industry in the areas of organizational development, development process, software testing and debugging, VLSI development, knowledge management, and design. With Trygve Reenskaug, he pioneered the DCI programming paradigm that returns programming to noble roots of honoring the mental models of both programmers and users. His early work on development process was one of the foundations of Scrum.

He is the author of several landmark books and is currently working with a team on “A Scrum Book” which is a rationalized, authoritative description of Scrum. He lives in Denmark with his wife Gertrud, and together they serve the world in Scrum and software architecture consulting. When he grows up, he wants to be an anthropologist.


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