Gregor Hohpe
Speaker at GOTO Berlin 2017

As an AWS Enterprise Strategist, Gregor helps IT and business leaders rethink their current IT strategy to get the most out of their cloud journey. That means, he believes, unlearning current assumptions and translating the ramifications of technical decisions to the business level.

A large part of Gregor’s career has been spent on large-scale IT initiatives, including migrating on-premises data centers to the cloud, at Allianz, the Government of Singapore, and Google. His past roles—start-up co-founder, system integrator, consultant, software engineer, trainer, chief architect, and CxO advisor—have allowed him to see IT from almost every angle. He often draws on that background when talking with customers, as he’s faced many of the same challenges that they’re dealing with.

His wide-ranging experience also allows him to dive into the IT “engine room” with customers, as needed, to ensure that new strategies are connected to technical realities.

Throughout his career, Gregor has seen both the potential of the cloud as well as the major change that it represents for large enterprises. One important lesson he’s learned: applying an old way of operating to new technologies is unlikely to produce the best possible result. For example, in the early days of the automobile, pedestrians had to walk in front of the vehicle with a red flag as a warning—a carryover from steam-powered transport. In a similar way, manual processes carried over from previous technologies can hamper the transformative potential of a highly-automated cloud.

Gregor’s experience has taught him that the IT world has become ever more beneficial, but also too complex for any one person to grasp it all. He believes that a trusted network is one of the most important assets a technology leader can have.

Outside of work, Gregor likes to be outdoors and in motion, practicing a variety of sports, from snowboarding and mountain biking to sailing or hiking. As a former IT architect, he also appreciates learning and going out to see “real” architecture and design.

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