GOTO Berlin 2019

Tuesday Oct 22
09:00 –

Hands-on Serverless 2.0 with Kubernetes & Python

This is a unique opportunity to participate in a day-long masterclass in an intimate group lead by CNCF Ambassador and OpenFaaS Founder, Alex Ellis. You will also be joined by Core Team member and Lucas Roesler, PhD from Berlin who will be on hand with Alex to help you throughout the day.

The day starts with a welcome and introduction by Alex. He will give an overview of Serverless 2.0, Kubernetes and OpenFaaS including how each part fits together.

You will then set up Kubernetes on a managed cloud platform and install OpenFaaS using helm and become familiar with how to access the UI, CLI, and REST API over the internet.

You will start by learning how to build, package, deploy and invoke Serverless functions and microservices written in Python. The labs then build on this content with: managing dependencies with pip, dealing with API tokens through secure secrets, monitoring functions with Prometheus, invoking functions asynchronously and chaining functions together to create workflows.

We’ll bring everything together in the form of a GitHub bot which automatically responds to and uses machine-learning to categorise issues. This example builds transferable skills in handling webhooks, securing endpoints, and using secrets in Kubernetes.

Finally, there is additional advanced content for auto-scaling, CI/CD, TLS, and a number of featured tutorials on hand.

You will need a personal laptop with MacOS or Windows 10 Pro and should come with the prerequisites already installed.

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